Before I can play the Belser family I had to give baby Aiden a proper room

This is so pretty *-*

… and I have a shitload of homework to do. Uhm hello to all my new followers?? Hopefully I can play sims soon but I don’t know :(((

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Just wanted to thank you all. Like seriously you’re like the nicest persons I’ve met. Sorry I didn’t reply to that boy-rant (I suck at replying and stuff) but seeing that people took some time to cheer me up really made my morning. ;__; LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIMBLR PEOPLE.

You know when you really like a guy… But then he seems to have lost interest in you over just a night? Well yes.

Started up my game to start Ella’s round, but I should edit Leo’s pictures first. Oh the issues.

We had studentmösseprovning today! Which basically means - we tried out graduation hats!! 273 days left!

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Sally better get going if she wants 6 kids, so she’s having a sunday brunch with Charlie, but he’s playing hard to get. I’m losing hope in her future, she might end up unmarried with a cat. Like my future me.

It’s going slow with Sally’s LTW and she can’t adopt any kids either because of her economy. So she bought herself this (which almost ruined her). Well I’m pretty sure she can become a millionaire by making toys but seriously, Sally. Was this necessary?

Why sleep when you can catch fireflies?