Finishes work in simpe.
Runs bodyshop.
Realizes I’ve used wrong replacement hair for my default.

GAAAH. But Feather is similar to Corntuck so I can just use the hair on that instead. Well done Felicia. Well done.

Me: This round has been the best so far. A lot of promotions, meeting Larry, making friends - staying alive!!
Macaroni & Cheese: Yeah. Sure.


Last promotion for this round! I think she’s up at career stage 5 or something now.

Good thing about having late work hours - plenty of time to look for a potential partner during the days. AND I MEAN - LOOK AT THEM. OMG.

I love the beds that came with the IKEA SP but their energy & comfort are awful so I got Ella a new bed. She got to do something with all the money she’s making!

Ella’s favorite: the sim bouncer!

Charisma +1

Leah went home around 2am so Ella didn’t get much sleep. Sickday (read: skillbuilding/sleep day) it is!

And somewhere in between the last post and this Gadwin died without me noticing. SO YES MANY PICS WENT KABOOM.
Well, Ella invited Leah Young home from work. I don’t know how but Ella is getting along with like everyone she meets??

And so Ella heads to work the next morning. But she came home not long after because of a promotion. Go chance cards!